A masterclass series from July 31st-August 4th, 2023


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Worried that your own dysregulated Nervous System is holding you back from the IMPACT you know you are here to make?

Bring your most transformative work to life by learning how to regulate not only your own Nervous System but the unique Nervous System of your Business and Service as well!

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This is your chance to experience what it is like to be held by Elisha through a multi-day transformational process to expand your Nervous System regulation!

"For me, this Nervous System work is holistic and deep. I feel like it covers all bases for sustainable and long-term transformation and the transformation sticks!"

~ Carly, Business Owner & Branding Specialist

So maybe you are currently working on:

  • Visibility
  • Attracting clients
  • Creating your next course or offer
  • Making more money or consistent money
  • Having the confidence to put yourself and your work in the world
  • Clarifying what you really want to be doing in your service

But you are frustrated because…

  • So many of the day-to-day business and marketing activities that you need to do seem to trigger a stress response and drain your energy constantly
  • You find it really hard to show up online and be consistent in sharing the truth of who you are and what you do in a way that feels sustainable
  • Listening to all the advice “experts” are giving you about how to attract clients makes you want to scream inside and leaves you dysregulated and unable to take action or share with anyone
  • Your processes of trying things like meditation/breathwork/manifestation etc. seem to make you feel better in the moment but aren’t translating into tangible improvements in your overall level of regulation
  • You often end up holding back from offering your service in the way you know you are meant to, or you push through and end up feeling depleted and unfulfilled because you are overriding your own nervous system and safety cues.

Ultimately, your dysregulation is the number 1 thing blocking you from taking your next steps to your fullest potential and creating the biggest impact in your business and service.

And unless you learn how to regulate not only your own nervous system but that of your unique business, you will continue to hold yourself back from the full transformation you are here to offer and stay stuck in depleting cycles in your business.

Here’s the thing:

You cannot THINK your way into regulation!

(This is likely why just learning about the nervous system has not revolutionized your work and service the way you desire.)

True nervous system regulation only occurs when you go deeper than acute regulating activities to work on your baseline and set points. And this encompasses ALL parts of your life and business!

In Regulate, we will explore more of:

  • How to go deeper than you have ever gone before to regulate your nervous system in a way that actually lasts and translates to tangible improvements in your service and business
  • How to get beyond just being “trauma-informed” and understand how to truly co-regulate with your clients so that you aren’t unconsciously creating harm
  • How to recognize and work with the unique nervous system of your business to work through your biggest blocks and learn how to operate your business in a more regulated way

What you will learn:

The Regulate Masterclass Series is delivered in 3 full LIVE workshop-style classes plus pop-up regulation practices, tips, and Q&A sessions as you explore and integrate!

Class 1 -
Your Self-Regulation:

  • Get clear on how whatever issue you are facing is the evidence of a set-point in your nervous system’s baseline. Become empowered to shift the set-point and get off the roller coaster of forced motivation, hustle, and collapse.
  • Understand why your own self-regulation is the most important part of your job description and how to anchor this beyond your practice cushion.
  • Dive into how to support your body to create new levels of safety while opening to the unknown and uncertainty that is inevitable in navigating creation, service, and putting your work into the world.
  • Learn key nervous system hygiene tools that will impact your energy and subconscious beliefs. These keys can pave the way to creating support through the crunchy parts of creation and allow you to trust yourself to create, share, and receive in amazing new ways.

Class 2 -
Your Co-Regulation:

  • Get clear on what conscious co-regulation is, why it is essential no matter your work or how you interact with clients, and how you can work with it to ethically guide transformation and growth.
  • Understand the mistakes practitioners make when co-regulating with their clients so that you aren’t creating harm unconsciously.
  • Meet the fears holding yourself back from offering the deepest transformation that you desire for your clients.
  • Learn how to ensure that you are always operating from your most regulated center so that you can foster the highest potential in your client relationships.

Class 3 -
Regulating Your Service and Business:

  • Learn about the unique Nervous System of your Business and how to attune it to your fullest vision.
  • Understand where your Business is dysregulated and why.
  • Gain tools for creating safety and resiliency in your Business’s Nervous System.
  • Learn how to dissolve the current block and dysregulation in your business through the same nervous system regulation processes that support you personally to allow your business to thrive and operate with more ease
  • Create set-points in the Nervous System of your Business to help mitigate burnout and overwhelm
  • Set yourself up for success by matching the Nervous System of your Business with the season of growth you are in to work through the appropriate rhythm and pacing

What you get:

  • 3 LIVE Classes with replays available (for a limited time)
  • 2 Bonus LIVE Opening & Integration Sessions with replays available (for a limited time)
  • 2 LIVE Q&A Sessions with replays available (for a limited time)
  • LIVE Regulation Practice Sessions with replays available (for a limited time)
  • Private Facebook Group with access to Elisha for additional Q&A and Support
  • Bonus pop-up live streams in the Facebook Group with regulation practices and tips
  • Yours to Keep - PDF Workbook of deepening prompts for continued application system principles that go beyond surface-level or lingo
  • Start your journey toward Mastery of the art of regulatory processes that actually last
  • Learn what it takes to become confident that you are equipped with the skills you need to meet the specific system of the client or group you are working with
  • Begin the process of supporting yourself and your clients to stay fully awake and be in the present, despite whatever turmoil is being experienced
  • Explore how to allow yourself and your clients to be available to all of life... the good, the bad, and everything in-between
  • Experience processes to cultivate safety within your system to help your clients stay open without the need for protection and constriction

Regulate is a week-long immersive masterclass series happening LIVE (replays available) from July 31st-August 4th, 2023.

BONUS Integration, Replay Access, and Q&A Support through

August 31st, 2023.

Please read the below terms & conditions and disclaimer document before signing up to the Regulate Masterclass Series
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"Embodiment is what makes Elisha’s work so different. It’s not just words or tasks. It’s full embodied integration that makes the changes permanent and lasting."

~ Sarah, Artist & Teacher


I’m Elisha Tichelle - a Priestess and Embodiment Coach for visionary leaders.

I guide leaders (like you) into the initiation of your nervous system expansion and healing so that you can embody your essence, access your full power, and authentically express your purpose & mission for greater impact.

If you know that the Nervous System holds a KEY component to your personal healing and service in the world, but you’re struggling to see how it all fits together and aren’t sure how to sift through or apply all the nervous system information but wish you could really create IMPACT and results that LAST through your service or business, I’m here to help!

Register for the free masterclass series, REGULATE, where you’ll learn how self-regulation, co-regulation, and regulating the nervous system of your business will support you to show up as the regulated and grounded leader that can facilitate lasting transformation and results in a sustainable way that leaves you feeling energized and resourced from the inside out!

If you’re a leader, coach, healer, or service provider and you’re not getting the results or creating the impact you desire, now is the time to understand how self-regulation, co-regulation, and regulating the nervous system of your business will lead to sustainable, lasting transformation for you and your clients with massive growth for your business too.

It’s time to say goodbye to burnout, depletion, and frustration and start experiencing grounded, centered regulation that allows you to facilitate transformation and create greater IMPACT with ease!

This is the new path of leadership.

Don’t miss the REGULATE masterclass series, where I’ll teach you how this is possible.

Register now!

Please read the below terms & conditions and disclaimer document before signing up to the Regulate Masterclass Series
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"I put my life in Elisha's arms and she held me perfectly, just the right amount of push, and let go. Elisha doesn't just teach, she leans in herself, showing us the way along with her. I would choose no other way-shower, teacher, priestess."

~ Nicola, Circle Facilitator & Author

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a business, will I get anything from this?

Yes, absolutely. We are using business as the system form, but whether you offer your service or art in a business format, you can still apply this work. You can also substitute business for any system, including family.

How long is access?

The series will be active for two weeks. Over week one, there will be live classes and support. Week two is available for you to catch up on replays and for Q&As. The workbook will be yours to keep and return to in support of your continued work.

What if I can’t do all the classes?

Each day builds, AND they are taught as self-contained experiences. Even attending part of one class could have a massive impact on your life.

“The woman I am today is so much more of ME than existed before working with Elisha. There are definite differences in empowerment, clarity, creativity, and a sense of grounded embodiment.”

~ Sharyn, Singer and Channel