Nervous System Expansion and Training for Leaders, Guides and Facilitators

with ElishaTichelle

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Are you ready to let the wisdom of the Nervous System guide your clients to their deepest transformation? 

You know the impact you are here to make, and you know that working through the Nervous System is KEY to the transformation you want to offer your clients.

But even after all the books you have read and practices you have done, you have not yet reached the stage where you feel truly confident and comfortable in guiding the process of regulation with your clients.

As an already-skilled guide living the path of devotion in your life and work, you naturally and continuously lean into the cutting edge of mastery.

Because of this, as you evolve, you likely find yourself regularly seeking ways to expand into the next evolution of your work.

Hello Beautiful!

It’s so nice to meet you in this incredible space of your growth.

I’m Elisha Tichelle - a Priestess and Embodiment Coach for visionary leaders.

I guide leaders (like you) into the embodiment of their essence through accessing their power, trusting their original medicine, and authentically expressing their truth.

My mission is to serve the evolution of consciousness through innovative processes for Soul healing and embodiment and to bring sacred energy work into the work of nervous system expansion and healing. 

I am here on this earth to facilitate a rebirthing of the wild, free, and whole Self through ritual, embodied practice, breathwork, connecting to divine feminine power, neuro-repatterning, and energy healing. 

I’m the creator of the Heroine's Mystical Journey process and Sacred Soul Somatics. I’ve worked with hundreds of women to reclaim their truth and ignite their lives.

I’m certified as a Breathwork Facilitator, Neurosculpting Facilitator, HeartMath Facilitator, Dancing Mindfulness Facilitator, Sacred Life Mentor, Celtic Spirituality Facilitator, and hold an MFA in Dance and Somatics.

Additionally, I’ve served on the teaching teams and as a guest teacher in many coaching and facilitator training programs. I was also a tenured professor for almost twenty years at Penn State. I was an embedded faculty member in the Arts and Design Research Incubator with my research into somatic interventions for trauma and stress.

Evolution provides an innovative perspective of the nervous system and is embedded in trauma-informed principles and the neuroscience of growth.

This work draws upon over twenty years of teaching and study on the nervous system, somatics, neuroscience, and energy healing that I’ve dedicated my life to. 

I draw upon a range of modalities to inform this unique approach to trauma healing and nervous system expansion including but not limited to:

  • Mindfulness
  • Attachment Theory
  • Alexander Technique
  • Hermetic laws
  • Energy Healing
  • Neurosculpting
  • Somatic Parts Work
  • Somatic therapy
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Bartenieff Fundamentals
  • Idiokinesis
  • Felt Sensing
  • Polyvagal Theory

In Evolution, my role is to guide you into the initiation of your own Nervous System so that you are unloaded, refocused, and clarified. 

This is the sacred journey of genuine regulation.

Consider this your warm welcome, and I hope you’ll join me.


When I meet brilliant women who are already guiding others beautifully, I often find that they’ve hit a threshold in their work.

They already hold their clients with depth, and yet they know they haven’t yet fully arrived to the depth of their work. There is a difference!

In supporting so many excellent guides and practitioners, here’s what I often hear behind the scenes:

  • You've realized that your clients aren’t able to hold the true transformation you provide because of their own looping stress and trauma
  • You feel the expectation for your work to be trauma-informed but don’t feel equipped to fully provide this support to your clients and are unsure where to draw the line
  • You're hiding your shame about your own dysregulation and struggles to stay centered, especially when things feel chaotic or unexpected
  • You’re afraid you could retraumatize someone if your work takes them deeper than they have the capacity for
  • You’re concerned that something scary or unexpected could happen with a client, and you wouldn’t know how to handle it

Cue the overwhelm that can leave you frozen in feelings of inadequacy, stagnant in your creativity, and holding back from taking your work further with your clients while sharing your fullness with the world.

If any of this resonates for you, you may be searching for the next thing…


Recording more meditations?! 

Clarifying your niche…again?!

But here’s the thing:

Another certification or modality isn’t going to solve these challenges (as tempting as that may be)…

And so you end up staying on the surface of your work, letting the imposter syndrome win out!

The key to evolving your work with clients to your cutting-edge – to have it be deeply and profoundly transformative for them – is to develop mastery in working with the nervous system.

The truth is, the impact that you’re here to make requires next-level nervous system work!

(And I say “next-level” because it’s not as simple as helping them take deeper breaths, guiding them through visualizations, or encouraging them to meditate.)

Ultimately you could work with your clients for years and take them through all the modalities and practices that you offer, but if you aren’t working with the truth of the nervous system and don’t know how to support their dysregulation…

It is only going to amplify any nagging (even subconscious) feelings of being an imposter and hold you back from making the true impact with your work that you desire.

Until we learn to access the wisdom of the nervous system our work simply won’t have the lasting transformation it's meant to have.

What I know to be true...

  • Nervous System work is becoming more mainstream and gaining traction (yay) but now there is the perception that regulation is the new self-help (boo).
  • The Self-Help industry is all about fixing ourselves - finding the problem and eradicating it.
  • This creates more shame about dysregulation and leaves people going through the motions learning to perform a fake version of regulation in an effort to appear perfectly balanced at all times.
  • Using tools such as tapping, movement, affirmations, or even breathwork sprinkled on top to "fix" or eradicate dysregulation symptoms, keeps you in a disempowered and domineering relationship with your own system and your client's too.

If you are afraid of the discomfort and chaos of dysregulation and worried it will disrupt your process, how can you get into the trenches of the real transformation of creating a resilient nervous system for yourself and your client?

Dysregulation actually holds the key information you need, but if you don't know how to recognize it through language, body, and emotions how can you possibly catalyze and activate the potential hiding there?

Doing regulating activities such as meditation, tapping, movement, or breathwork doesn’t mean you are regulated.

Assigning regulating activities to your clients doesn’t mean they are going to become regulated either.

Regulation is a spectrum.

When you change the set point of your nervous system baseline, you create a resilient foundation for true transformation!

You FEEL the difference,

and so do your clients.

It’s only when you can change the setpoints of the nervous system and reset the calibration process that you can build the type of resiliency that is available for lasting transformation.

If you are ready to expand your capacity to go deeper with your clients and guide co-regulatory processes that help them meet the dysregulation that's keeping them stuck...

And you are willing to do the work to master your own nervous system at the same time…

You need training that integrates grounded theory with practical application.

It comes down to this...

You cannot think your way into regulation! (This is likely why just learning about the nervous system has not revolutionized your work the way you desire.

If you are going to heal and expand your nervous system, you are going to have to get comfortable sitting with your own dysregulation and that of your clients.

It's medicine for you both.

Regulation in the new paradigm is a pilgrimage into the holy ground of your physical body and energy system.

This is shadow work without the fluff.

This is transformation in its fullest power.

This work takes you and your client towards the trigger, towards the fear, and towards the ego; because they are sharing the information you need to guide them through the unraveling into freedom.

Working in this way allows the nervous system to be understood fully with its divine purpose as the conduit, processor, communicator, and interface.

And so...

It is time to STOP dabbling, trying, and waiting to bring your work to its fullness.

It is time to go all the way IN and THROUGH the Nervous System to truly transform your own life so that you feel confident to offer this to others.

It is time for immersive training & mentorship that guides you to alchemize your Soul's gifts into the potent offerings that impact your client's life!

It is time for a massive SHIFT, CHANGE, and TRANSFORMATION to support awakening humanity on a larger scale. 

Join me for a year long journey into


EVOLUTION is a revolutionary paradigm shift in working holistically through the nervous system towards a new way of being in the world.

Leading your work from a nervous system perspective is what will finally allow you to create and live the highest vision for your life with authenticity, clarity, and fulfillment.

This is the new path of leadership.

"I've tried therapy, psychiatric drugs, as well as filling my life with doing. Elisha was the first person that led me further into myself by making friends with the messiness instead of trying to dismember it."

~ Edy, Teacher & Artist


  • A new way to relate to yourself, your work, and the world through cutting-edge regulation tools and nervous system expansion
  • Centered in the pathway of transformation through meeting and integrating nervous system dysregulation
  • About developing your work as a more impactful, transformative, and dynamic offering that truly lasts
  • Teaching you to tap into your greater capacities while learning how to stay resourced energetically (bye-bye burn-out and depletion)
  • Cultivating a new level of confidence that dissolves the imposter and silences the critic without force or self-violence #winning

This immersive and experiential group program guides you to:

  • Learn nervous system principles that go beyond surface-level or lingo
  • Master the art of regulatory processes that actually last
  • Become confident that you are equipped with the skills you need to meet the specific system of the client or group you are working with
  • Support yourself and your clients to stay fully awake and be in the present, despite whatever turmoil is being experienced
  • Allow you and your clients to be available to all of life... the good, the bad, and everything in-between
  • Cultivate safety within your system and your clients’ to stay open without the need for protection and constriction

Become confident in guiding transformation while knowing you are not creating harm!

"Embodiment is what makes Elisha’s work so different. It’s not just words or tasks. It’s full embodied integration that makes the changes permanent and lasting. If you notice yourself slipping into old patterns, you have the ability and willingness to be compassionate with yourself and course correct without guilt or shame."

~ Sarah, Artist & Teacher

This training is designed for you if:

You are someone who serves to create change in the lives of others - such as mind-body practitioners, business or wellness coaches, leaders, creatives, clergy, educators, medical professionals, and alternative healing practitioners.

You desire to expand your own nervous system capacity and ability to guide others through incorporating polyvagal and somatic principles into your work and service.

You crave more than just learning additional tools to use and want an innovative approach to well-being and healing beyond the scripted modality or frameworks you have been taught.

You are committed to your own development and ready to make vulnerability and regulation your superpowers in your service and leadership.

You are ready for an evolution in your work that ignites or deepens your Soul’s mission.

You are someone who recognizes, even though you are not a therapist, that people carry trauma and that life is stressful. You desire to know how to discern your client's actual safety cues in order to support change without amplifying survival and stress.

You are ready to step into new levels of leadership for your life and business.

"For me, this work is holistic and deep. I feel like it covers all bases for sustainable and long-term transformation and the transformation sticks!"

~ Carly, Business Owner & Branding Specialist

EVOLUTION Program Outline

Module 1: Laying the Groundwork of The Nervous System

Understand how and why true transformation must happen in and through physiology and how trying to THINK your way to regulation won’t lead to a full nervous system shift. Become clear on what creates the Baseline and how the core wound creates the survival persona. This is nervous system work beyond what the books teach.

Module 2: Unpacking the Stress Response

Unpacking the ins and outs of the stress response beyond acute trigger and activation. Understand the role of the vagus nerve and its role in rewiring the nervous system. Gain tools to unlock and recalibrate the emotional body.

Module 3: Developing Nervous System Intelligence

Understanding the TRUTH of regulation/dysregulation through a deep dive into State. We look at several frameworks for State work so that you can create deep foundations of support for you and your clients. Understanding the correlation between State and Story allows you to guide healing and expansion through deep nervous system support.

Module 4: Cultivating a Somatic Framework for Nervous System Expansion

With some many modalities, there is plenty of confusion about what somatics is and what it means in coaching work. It's time to understand somatic work beyond movement and modality in order to access bodily wisdom in response to what the nervous system needs are. Employing a somatic framework can facilitate lasting transformation in your clients.

Module 5: Evolutionary Leadership

We learn what it takes to create a neuro-resilient business (and life) by strengthening the resilience of your own nervous system. Apply tools that allow you to feel unshakable and rooted in your regulation. Here we open to the sacred expansion of your nervous system so that you can facilitate the next level of your work in a way that catalyzes the growth and healing processes available to those you lead! 

"Learning from Elisha is like having your inner 150-year-old Wise Woman speaking to you with love, care, and knowing, telling you what you desired to learn with every ounce of your being. It's like learning from someone who knows you at a level you didn't think was possible for another person to know what you need for the next step in your expansion. I've never trusted anyone as much as I trust her: she's fierce when I need it. She's always kind and loving in her fierceness. Knowing her has redefined integrity for me--I didn't know what was possible until she showed me.

~ Rose - Somatic Writing and Creation

What's Included

Five Teaching Modules

  • Content Teaching Calls
  • Group Support and Q/A Calls
  • Deepening Calls for you to be led in and lead the processes
  • Worksheets for processing and application
  • Guided practices and practice scripts

Quarterly 1:1 support

In addition, you receive:

  • Individual Feedback and Support
  • Bi-weekly Co-Regulated Co-Working Sessions
  • Core Terms Booklet
  • Nervous System State E-Book
  • Course Pack - including essential reading
  • Bonus Content on Polyvagal Theory Basics
  • Monthly Somatics and Breathwork to support your journey
  • Private Course Portal Area with lifetime access to materials
  • Private Facebook Group for Community Engagement

Approximate Weekly Time Commitment:

2-4 hours

Program Dates:

October 2023 - October 2024


$10,000 USD

*Payment Plans Available

*Pay In Full Bonuses

Program Size Is Limited.

The first step is a Discernment Dialogue. Schedule a 30-minute exploration call to see if this is the right fit for you.


Join by August 31st

  • Enlightened: 1:1 Nervous System Profiling Session ($1111 value)1 1value)
  • Group Sacred Somatics and Breathwork Healing Circle ($111 value)1 1
  • 15-month payment plan available($111 value)

Full Bonuses for all who Join Evolution 2023-2024

  • 3-month Mastermind for Integration post-Evolution ($4000 value)
  • Lifetime Access to the Regulate Masterclass Series ($797 value)
  • Online Business Tools Masterclass with 25-year business women and my mentor Julie Parker (creator of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy) ($2222 value)
  • Access to Healer Training Level 1 Breathwork for a special price

"Elisha’s ability to engage my entire body and soul in learning is unprecedented. I think I walked away from almost every session saying, 'That was life-changing.' This is unsurprising, as my first experience of Elisha’s work was in a 1:1 container, and my life did, in fact, change in more profound ways than it has in the last decade. Elisha is, legit, one of the best-kept secrets in empowering human potential and leadership mastery. I feel like I will be, not only forever changed by her work but forever sustained… these teachings will never leave me. If you’re called to say yes, don’t waste your time deliberating, every human is ready for this work, but those who are being called to Elisha are the lucky ones who will be cared for, seen, and supported along the way in her masterful blend of guidance to inner freedom."

~ Kari, Embodied Leadership Coach

In EVOLUTION you will study how to use nervous system principles to help others by firstly applying them to yourself.

Rather than memorizing a modality that treats everyone the same, you will leave EVOLUTION with an understanding of how to tune into your client's unique system and capacities while creating space to transform their past constriction into new potentials.

EVOLUTION supports you to incorporate nervous system principles into the amazing work you are already doing in a way that looks, feels, and sounds like you!

By learning how to attune to and track the nervous system you will have access to where you and your clients are stuck emotionally or blocked mentally in the script that keeps recreating the past instead of opening to new potentials.

When you begin to work with yourself and your clients in and through the nervous system in this way...

  • You cultivate a compassionate deep presence through new ways of being with yourself and others in chaos or dysregulation without collapsing into overwhelm
  • You understand what your nervous system regulation and stress identity is unconsciously communicating to your clients at the subconscious level
  • You decipher your client’s dysregulation through reading their somatic and energy cues and know how it is playing into their resistance, lack of clarity and stuckness
  • You uncover the difference between stimulation and trigger in guiding your client to transform their comfort zone for sustainable growth instead of pushing them out of it
  • You learn the truth of protection and safety through the nervous system lens and how to know what your client is revealing in their emotions and states of being
  • You create transformational space for yourself and others that allows for growth while being aware of the nervous system baseline that must be identified or changed to be fully realized

"I put my life in Elisha's arms and she held me perfectly, just the right amount of push, and let go. Elisha doesn't just teach, she leans in herself, showing us the way along with her. I would choose no other way-shower, teacher, priestess."

~ Nicola, Circle Facilitator & Author

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Be Planning to have a Business To Do This Program?

No. You simply need to want to have an impact in serving yourself and others through the healing of the nervous system.

Is this a certification program?

Not in the sense that I am a gatekeeper granting you permission to do your work. This is not modality training. You will apply these concepts to the work you are ALREADY doing in the world. 

This Nervous System approach enhances ALL of the ways you are already working so I am not certifying you to do something. I am creating the space and delivering the experiences that initiate you into a more realized and integrated approach to your work. 

You will leave with 

  • new tools for yourself and your clients (if applicable)
  • an understanding of theory, concepts, and application of the nervous system
  • confidence and ability to truly meet any nervous system and guide them into regulation
  • ideas for integrating and applying concepts and tools into your practice/modalities

Is 1:1 support available in this program?

Yes. Four 1:1 sessions are incorporated into the program.

1:1 sessions include:

  • 2 Fierce Life Nervous System Coaching Sessions with Elisha
  • 1 Sacred Somatics and Breathwork with Elisha or Megan*
  • 1 Neuro-Resilient Leadership Session or Somatic Leadership Session with Elisha, Megan, or qualified Evolution Alumni

There is also the option to upgrade the number of 1:1s you receive.

Megan Moore is a qualified facilitator of Elisha's work. She began co-teaching and facilitating this work after in-depth group and 1:1 study. She is a proud example of parasympathetic leadership and credits this work with opening her to her true gifts of leadership and facilitation!

Is There A Refund Policy?

Due to the nature of this work and program, there is no refund for this program once we begin. If you sign-up early and change your mind prior to September 8th, you can withdraw with no penalty minus the administrative fee of $397 USD. After this date, you are responsible for paying the full program fee regardless of attendance or completion of the program in the guided phase.  If you are unable to participate in the current intake due to an extenuating circumstance, you will be given a credit for a future program.

What makes this program different than other nervous system training programs?

This program is at the edge of understanding the intersections of causal reality and material reality where my energy embodiment work lives. I haven’t found the program teaching and transmitting energy in this way and thus I have been called to create it from working at this exciting evolutionary edge.

In my own journey, I see where I could have continued to walk the path of Neuroscience and traditional mindfulness, staying rooted in this physical reality, and also where I could have dove off the deep end into the abyss of Woo Woo taking me so far up and out of this body that nothing could ever land in my human life. But I was born to walk this line as an integrator, an instigator, and an agitator, to marry the material and immaterial in a way that the energy can LAND to affect this 3D reality.

This program is designed for diving DEEP into learning how to rewire your nervous system from the inside out by changing the baseline of your own regulation so that you can offer lasting transformation to those you serve through working with their nervous systems too.

Are there scholarships for this program?

Yes. There are several partial scholarships and one full exchange tech work-study position. Be sure you are on the interest list to hear more about scholarship opportunities.

UPDATE: tech work-study for 2023-2024 is filled. Scholarship applications are now available when you register for the Open House.

What If I Have Questions Or Need Support?

Email contact@elishahalpin.com and I will be happy to answer your questions. There will also be space to ask your questions on the application form, and we can discuss them together during your exploration call!

"There is nothing out there like this program; it is made of so many skills, wisdom, and knowledge that becomes like a magnificent container that overflows every time you choose to get close. Elisha is not just an "integrated" academic, she is a master at humanity; she knows how - when and how much to trigger empowerment while holding you in a delicious safety hub. She has swirled me into Alchemy."

~ Agathe, Neuro-Wise Interior Designer